The SALUS-3 is a Portable ADS-B Transceiver — Both ADS-B Out and In. Connect to your iOS, Windows, or Android device! Complete ADS-B In and Out for Just $1,299 with free shipping.

A non-TSO certified portable transceiver

Gen2 Portable ADS-B In and Out

Gen2 Portable ADS-B In and Out with connections for external antennas. Has a TSO-154c certified UAT inside. Includes portable GPS and UAT antennas.

Xtreme Vision Software

Unique Synthetic Traffic™, as well as 2D traffic on small panel and on moving map, free ADS-B weather, UAT control panel and more. Works with Salus-3 and several other Transceiver/Receivers.

Software used by -

Skyvision Xtreme Salus-3 and tablet system

With the system deal you get all the great features of the Salus-3, the Skyvision software, and a great 7" tablet computer. Start receiving all the traffic and weather provided by ADS-B.

Skyvision Xtreme software

Skyvision Xtreme software on a convenient 7" tablet computer. Use either horizontal or vertical, or switch at any time. Perfect companion with the Salus-3 or NavWorx UAT.

Very reasonably priced portable ADS-B Out and In System, but it doesn’t include the transceiver. This is just the display

Software Used by

Portable ADS-B In/Out for Full Traffic and Weather

Achieve "Instantaneous Situational Awareness" with SkyVision's Synthetic Traffic™ ADS-B traffic and weather system, and be a safer pilot.

Introducing the Salus-3™

True ADS-B In/Out Synthetic Traffic™ and Free Weather in Portable Unit!

Salus-3 Skyvision Xtreme


From the makers of the world's first true portable ADS-B In & Out system. Now in a more convenient size, get the safety and security of Full ADS-B Traffic as well as Subscription-Free Weather in a portable system. Take the system into your rental plane and see all traffic and weather around you!

Xtreme Vision's Synthetic Traffic™ display provides unprecedented Situational Awareness. Just a glance at the display gives all necessary information to see and avoid traffic. The weather display provides all available ADS-B weather products.

SkyVision Xtreme - the ultimate in safety in the cockpit. Now available in a portable for virtually all pilot's, owner, renter, or corporate

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